How big will your puppies grow?

Generally, male adult Bull Terriers average 70 pounds and females are somewhat smaller. They will be around 21 inches at the shoulder.

Can we meet your puppies?

Absolutely. We encourage the puppies to meet as many people as possible to help with socialization. Between litters, we encourage you to join us at the Lower Mainland Bull Terrier walks.

We also frequently show our dogs within BC and Alberta. Our next show is the Renaissance Dog Association show in Chilliwack, April 18-21st, 2024.

How much do Bull Terrier puppies cost?

Standard Bull Terrier puppies range from C$3500 to C$4000. This is in line with other reputable breeders in Western Canada. If you are considering puppies that are outside of this range, it could be a scam.

Can I meet the puppies' parents?

As a new kennel, we don't have an in-house stud dog. We use studs from other reputable kennels with quality blood lines and desirable traits. We encourage you to visit, meet our Dames, and play with our puppies.

When is your next litter?

Our next litter is expected in late 2024. Please sign up at the bottom of the page for puppy updates. We carefully select good homes for our Snarfs.

Is a Bull Terrier right for me?

Individual Bull Terriers have individual personalities. That said, buying a purebred dog does have the advantage of buying the personality traits that have been bred into the breed.

First, Bull Terriers cannot be left alone for a long time. They won't tolerate a 8 to 10 hour stretch away from their person without developing unwanted behaviours. If you work from home or spend a lot of time at home, this is the dog for you.

Second, Bull Terriers are stubborn. Their overall attitude is "I'll decide". You will have to devote a fair amount of time training. If you enjoy stuffing their snarfs with treats while repeating behaviours, this is your dog.

Also, check out this link.

So, now what?

How to get your own snarf.

  1. Subscribe to the email list to get regular updates and be added to the wait list.

  2. When one of our bitches is whelping, we send applications out to those who are on the wait list.

  3. When the puppies are old enough, a battery of health tests are done by a veterinarian.

  4. Healthy pups are matched with applicants whose households are the "best fit". It's best to visit our kennel to meet the puppies and it's important that we get to know you first. We will be involved with the puppies for the lifetime of the dog per pet or breeding contract.

  5. An initial deposit is made by the prospective owner.

  6. When the puppy is at least 8-12 weeks old, the puppy is delivered or picked up by the new owner.

  7. The balance is paid to Snarfington via the usual payment methods.

  8. Owner and puppy are invited to join our Snarfington Whatsapp group to share in their ongoing adventures, share experiences, and support each other with Snarf specific topics.